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Business 1-3 years Minimize

Congratulations! Year one is under your belt. Your business is growing and while you may be working 7 days per week, you love it! Now you must beware – most small business fail in the next couple of years.

Now may be the time you will want to consider our bookkeeping services. We can take over some of the tasks that are consuming your evenings and weekends – invoicing, bill payments and payroll. We can work with you as frequently or infrequently as you require.

You may also want to consider monthly accounting sessions, where we can review your results and make recommendations. You may also want to update your cash flow estimates and make sure you are on target by meeting with one of our team members.

Always consider that while you are doing the bookkeeping – something you may not enjoy or be particularly skilled at – you could be doing something else in your business to create wealth or you could be enjoying your family or hobbies. Where is your time best spent?

Contact us for more information. We are in the business of building relationships. Therefore, you can be certain that your contact information will never be sold or distributed.

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